The latest addition to Martin Shaw’s subscription newsletter The House of Beasts & Vines is a freely-available conversation with the poet Malcolm Guite, who recently turned up at Martin’s door at the scrag end of a storm with a bottle of Jura in hand.

Their 25-minute conversation covers C.S. Lewis, the Gods and the Nuance of Animism, and joins the fortnightly treasury of offerings which includes the audio ‘Sunday Stories’, recorded direct from Martin’s desk, down by the river, and out on the moor.

Some free tasters are available, but for the cost of a London pint (around £5), subscribers get exclusive access to the full essays, stories and everything in the vault as it builds up, as well as drawings that Martin cooks up en route.


New audio: As Eager as a New Moon

This glimpse of Gilgamesh & Inanna from Dr Martin Shaw has just been added to the Cista Mystica audio shop. Says Martin: “Whether it is Gilgamesh carving a throne from a tree for Inanna, or sending a lover to sedate Enkidu, both stories are partially to do with humans renegotiating the terms with the earth around them, and through that, the gods themselves.These stories are an axis between the aboriginal and the so-called civilised worlds.”


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