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Dr Martin Shaw: book news, audio and events Cista Mystica has just taken delivery of a new batch of Martin's books Smoke Hole: Looking to the Wild in the Time of the Spyglass and Courting the Wild Twin, published by Chelsea Green. All orders for the next three weeks from Cista Mystica (until Monday June 6) will be signed by Martin, who will be talking about Smoke Hole on May 26 when he is interviewed as part of the magazine The Idler's pub-style  'A Drink with the Idler'

Martin Shaw in Conversation with Poet Malcolm Guite + New Gilgamesh & Inanna Audio

The latest addition to Martin Shaw's subscription newsletter The House of Beasts & Vines is a freely-available conversation with the poet Malcolm Guite, who recently turned up at Martin's door at the scrag end of a storm with a bottle of Jura in hand. Their 25-minute conversation covers C.S. Lewis, the Gods and the Nuance of Animism, and joins the fortnightly treasury of offerings which includes the audio 'Sunday Stories', recorded direct from Martin's desk, down by the river, and out on the moor. Some free tasters are

Martin Shaw Reads His Underworld Essay

As both a mythologist and wilderness rites-of-passage guide I am frequently asked to comment on climate change, collapsing stories, and what on earth to say to our kids about the future. I am no kind of pundit, so choose my words sparingly and carefully. What follows is a few thoughts. Climate change isn’t a case to be made, it’s a sound to be heard. From a mythic perspective, seeing is often a form of identifying, but hearing is the locating of a much more personal message. Hearing creates

Tristan & Isolde: Valentine’s Day launch

  Hundreds of Dr Martin Shaw's latest book Tristan and Isolde were posted out on February 14th, all personally signed by the author. This first volume of a new major body of work that Shaw has been creating over the past few years, was officially launched from his writing den on the edge of Dartmoor on Valentine's Day. Based largely within the Celtic fringe of Britain, Tristan and Isolde is a dazzling exegesis of love, both disarmingly psychological and profoundly mythological. Shaw’s version heightens the latent Dionysian tensions and

Sunday Stories: New Substack Audio

A brand new fortnightly audio entitled 'Sunday Stories' is to start this week at The House of Beasts & Vines, Martin Shaw's subscription newsletter. On February 6, the series will kick off with an old, Irish story. Says Martin: "It's a story with a lot of spook and gnostic information." Over the coming months, these audio recordings, which will be available only to paid subscribers, will come direct from Martin's desk, down by the river, or out on the moor. Also available now are the first two sections

The Voyage of Brendan: Substack sets sail

  The first section of The Voyage of Brendan is now published on Dr Martin Shaw's subscription newsletter - The House of Beasts & Vines. A free taster is available, but for the cost of a London pint (around £5), subscribers will get exclusive access to this first essay, along with everything in the vault as it builds up. Says Martin: "I’m delighted to start The House of Beasts & Vines with a story that is causing a stir in my dreaming. Bats are bopping in the belfry,


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