London Review Bookshop Podcast – Martin Shaw & Claire Armitstead

LRB Podcast: s t a g c u l t A storyteller, mythologist and poet, Martin Shaw’s latest collection, s t a g c u l t (Hazel Press, 2022) lifts a lantern to a kind of haunting we can’t quite exorcise, or don’t wish to. Shaw was joined in conversation by Claire Armitstead, associate culture editor at the Guardian and presenter of their weekly books podcast.

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Mythologist Martin Shaw’s Visionary Conversion

Mythologist Martin Shaw's Visionary Conversion to Christianity. An interview with Premier Unbelievable? Conversations between Christians and non-Christians, hosted by Justin Brierley.

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Rilke’s Duino Elegies – with Martin Shaw

House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate, Pitcher, Fruit-Tree, Window: A radio hymn to the things around us inspired by the Duino Elegies of Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke, on BBC Radio 4 Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies, written between 1912 and 1922, are often considered to be one of the cornerstones of European literature in the 20th Century. Produced in a time of collapse and change, amidst political turmoil and spiritual flux, the poems grapple with what it means to be human, charting the soul’s journey through existential

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Navigating the Mysteries – Emergence Magazine

As we walk our questions into a troubled future, storyteller and mythologist Martin Shaw invites us to subvert today’s voices of certainty and do the hard work of opening to mystery. Essay and narration by Dr. Martin Shaw for Emergence Magazine: Listen on the Emergence Magazine Podacast.

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Christian Wonder Tales – Martin Shaw, Temenos Academy

Christian Wonder Tales, Martin Shaw's sell-out Temenos Academy talk, has been made available as a free resource. The Temenos Academy is an educational charity, which offers education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West, the word 'temenos' meaning 'a sacred precinct'. Listen to the lecture in full:

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The Fall and the Underworld with Dr. Martin Shaw

Dr. Martin Shaw talks with Ian MacKenzie in an interview for The School of Mythopoetics. In myth, the Underworld is a place of testing and initiation, but hopefully not a final destination. Within many stories the descent is the second element of a three stage process, leading to final grounding that is both redemptive and a gift to others. Martin Shaw is suggesting in the West we have often made the Underworld so comfortable, so subtle, and in some case so chronic, we’ve become a two

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Martin Shaw Remembering Robert Bly, Medicine Path Interview

Poet, activist and men's work pioneer Robert Bly died on 21 November 2021 at the age of 94. In part one in a series of conversations with some of the people who knew him intimately Martin Shaw shares memories and stories of Bly. (Nov 2021). Listen to the interview.

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Martin Shaw’s Smoke Hole Mixtape

'The lovely folks at Chelsea Green asked what I was listening to when I was writing Smoke Hole. They've made a mixtape out of it. I do hope you enjoy it and please play as loud as you can get away with. Dance/mosh/quietly sob as appropriate. Get ready for Kate Bush, Aretha, Fleetwood Mac, Small Faces, Rising Appalachia, Django Reinhardt, Toots & the Maytals, Fugazi, Charlie Parker, Thin Lizzy, Talk Talk, Bonnie Prince Billy, Joni Mitchell, Bad Brains, Dubliners, Arvo Part, all sorts. These all helped keep

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Smoke Hole Sessions – Martin Shaw podcasts

Author and master storyteller Martin Shaw brings us the Smoke Hole Sessions – a series of vital conversations with inspirational people, in the hope that in the crackle of the thinking, the fire of the language, the visioning and the wildness of the exchanges, we may find breadcrumbs that lead us out of the forest again, and into a deeper life. Inspired by his new book Smoke Hole, Martin speaks to some of today’s most admired writers, musicians, comedians, activists and more about their own work and

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Ten Years of Lightning Tree with Cista Mystica Press

On the ten year anniversary of the release of A Branch From The Lightning Tree, Lucy Cooper from Cista Mystica Press is in conversation with Martin Shaw on the last decade of his writing life. This in depth interview goes right to the heart of how the books have evolved over the past ten years. (June 2021).

Ten Years of Lightning Tree with Cista Mystica Press2021-12-13T10:44:07+00:00
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