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Letters to the Earth

Resurgence & Ecologist magazine review of Letters to the Earth (HarperCollins, 2020). Martin Shaw 'startles us into re-examining the stories we tell ourselves'.

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New books and limited edition t-shirt

New book: Red Bead Woman Acclaimed scholar and mythteller Dr Martin Shaw has committed to writing this jewel of a tale from the Taiga of Siberia. For the last ten years he has followed faithfully wherever this story has wished to take him. And it is only now, after hundreds of oral tellings, that he was put it into the written word. And alongside this story and commentary are brand new drawings - scattered like seed throughout. This book depicts an ancient story for troubled times, beginning with

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Two Roads: The Pastoral & Prophetic

Where Two Roads Meet: Interview with Martin Shaw Watch All Those Barbarians video Watch Wolferland video

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Martin Shaw on WOLFERLAND


Valemon and the Wild Third Daughter

Valemon and the Wild Third Daughter is a jewel of a Scandinavian fairy tale. Epic, gutsy, funny, mysterious – it takes us through both the exhilaration and consequence of following your desire. One day a white bear arrives at the entrance to a castle and beckons you leap onto its back. There are no guarantees but your heart sings at the sight. What will you do? Safety or the deep forest? Read an extract from Martin’s commentary on Valemon and the Wild Third Daughter, from A Branch from

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Ivan the Bear’s Son

Read an extract from Martin’s commentary on the Russian story of Ivan the Bear's Son, from A Branch from the Lightning Tree. 'This is a point in our lives where we decide (or are forced) to throw the anchor down, to live in one place, have a teacher, dig in...' Throwing Down the Anchor This descent is characterized by the “black” stage of the initiation process. When one enters the black, a kind of sobering occurs, an awareness of things lost in the scramble for power and

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