Dr Martin Shaw:
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Cista Mystica has just taken delivery of a new batch of Martin’s books Smoke Hole: Looking to the Wild in the Time of the Spyglass and Courting the Wild Twin, published by Chelsea Green.

All orders for the next three weeks from Cista Mystica (until Monday June 6) will be signed by Martin, who will be talking about Smoke Hole on May 26 when he is interviewed as part of the magazine The Idler’s pub-style  ‘A Drink with the Idler’ online series.

The Idler Academy director Victoria Hull will be the host and there will be philosophical insight from Dr Mark Vernon. Following the discussion there will be a live Q&A. The meeting will be left open at the end so participants  can carry on chatting.

More information and tickets are availablehere.

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A Drink with Martin Shaw event

Live talk: May 18

The School of Mythopoetics will be hosting Martin on Wednesday this week where he will be speaking old world stories and ideas into the malaise of our times. Says Martin: “In the West we have often made the Underworld so comfortable, so subtle, and in some cases so chronic, we’ve become a two stage, not three stage culture. Without quite knowing it, the Underworld has become home.” This is a free event.

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Free recording

An audio recording of Martin’s sell-out Tenemos lecture on Christian Wonder Tales in London on April 28 has been made available as a free resource. There is a 17-minute taster, as well as the full recording.

The Temenos Academy is an educational charity which offers education in philosophy and the arts in the light of the sacred traditions of East and West, the word temenos meaning ‘a sacred precinct’.

Christian Wonder Tales: a glimpse
Christian Wonder Tales: full recording

Navigating the Mysteries: Emergence magazine

What if we reframed “living with uncertainty” to “navigating mystery”? As we walk our questions into a troubled future, Martin Shaw invites us to subvert today’s voices of certainty and do the hard work of opening to mystery.This is a brand new narration and essay, published by Emergence magazine. You can read or listen here.

Navigating the Mysteries: read/listen here