The first section of The Voyage of Brendan is now published on Dr Martin Shaw’s subscription newsletter – The House of Beasts & Vines.

A free taster is available, but for the cost of a London pint (around £5), subscribers will get exclusive access to this first essay, along with everything in the vault as it builds up.

Says Martin: “I’m delighted to start The House of Beasts & Vines with a story that is causing a stir in my dreaming. Bats are bopping in the belfry, horses have broken free from the stable. Brendan and his plucky lads swoop in and out and I catch their hymns through dark waves of sleep.

“On waking I’m moored up in some new place. I hope you’ll all climb into this currach with me and push out into the marvellous.”

For this and the next two offerings, Martin will be telling the story and reflecting on it.

He says: “I’m also adding drawings that I cook up en route. The whole thing is fresh bread from the oven of my imagination.”

Martin will be adding fortnightly offerings, including fresh essays and audio recordings, and books he is reading.

It promises to be part care package, part spiritual provocation, composed and recorded at Martin’s desk or as he roams the forest and moors.

He says: “We’ll be entering a great treasury of stories and deep ideas I’ve been working with. I hope you will come with me for the adventure.”

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