The Storyteller & The Shaman: Martin Shaw live


Recorded live in Devon, England.


Recorded live in November 2019 at a gathering exploring questions including, why do we still need storytellers? What is their archaic relationship to magic?  In these live tellings, Martin Shaw weaves ancient stories and new ideas, including the extremely rare and off-the-beaten-Taiga Siberian tale of The Woman Who Married a Bear, the Nanai story of the Serpent and the Bear, and the west African tale of The Half Girl.

Myth binds us to soul, place, magic and history. Since pre-history we have gathered to be divinely discombobulated by myth’s power, to gratefully consume the spiritual roughage of its images.  In the Storyteller & The Shaman we will trail moments when language catches fire, erupts in the heart, and all are warmed by such disclosure.





The Storyteller & The Shaman. Live tellings by Martin Shaw. Recorded in Devon, England. Available in five parts as MP3 downloadable files. Approximately 1hr 10mins. Cista Mystica Press, Devon, England.

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