Valemon & the Wild Third Daughter: Live telling by Martin Shaw


Recorded live in Devon, England.


Valemon and the Wild Third Daughter is a jewel of a Scandinavian fairy tale. Epic, gutsy, funny, mysterious – it takes us through both the exhilaration and consequence of following your desire. One day a white bear arrives at the entrance to a castle and beckons you leap onto its back. There are no guarantees but your heart sings at the sight. What will you do? Safety or the deep forest?

Read an extract from Martin’s commentary on Valemon, from A Branch from the Lightning Tree.

The wonderful artwork for the story comes from the artist Cara Roxanne – Enjoy her work at: Paintings, Prints. Cards. Letter writing & Little Gifts by CaraRoxanne


Valemon and the Wild Third Daughter: Live telling by Martin Shaw. Available as MP3 downloadable files. Approximately 1hr 40 mins.  Cista Mystica Press, Devon, England.

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