The Five Fathoms Audiobook Musical Collaboration with Dálava


The Five Fathoms audiobook is a musical collaboration with Dálava (Julia Ulehla and Aram Bajakian – guitarist with Lou Reed, John Zorn, Diana Krall), story narrated by Martin Shaw.

With their musical roots in the Carpathian Mountains of Moravia (Czech), Dálava’s unique sound weaves haunting guitar and duende vocals with Martin Shaw’s narration, to conjure a wild acreage of story into being. Like being at midnight mass in a snowy Carpathian chapel filled with mermaids, Welsh poets and the Baal Shem Tov.

Journey from a Welsh bay, across the ninth wave of the rucking, roiling Irish Sea, to the strange shores of the North, a place of flint and copper and moon-white whalebone:

‘Everything is topsy turvy now.

Nobody speaks in myth anymore.

They utter static and they dare to proclaim it language.


This is a world of fabrications, she ponders.

Of things a little like the real, but with the real taken out of them.

That way, things don’t talk to each other anymore. That way, nothing is properly alive anymore.

That’s a very clever trick by terrible people.


Frofre ne wene

I trust in no comfort

At least, not like this.

But here on this sand, in this place of the hinge, she has an idea. She gathers herself.

She sends out green canoes of story into the people’s minds’


Book sold separately, available here: The Five Fathoms.

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The Five Fathoms audio musical collaboration MP3 file will be downloaded in packaged ZIP file (29MB). Approximately 30 minutes. Cista Mystica Press, Devon, England.

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