Beautiful Learning: Martin Shaw live


Recorded live in Devon, England.


Recorded live in July 2021 over two days at a gathering in Dartmoor. Exploring themes including: we could be living in a world of new opportunities. During this enforced hiatus of the everyday, what, amongst all that fell away, are the threads you want to deepen into? What has value? Over the gathering, we move between mythic and personal narratives, and the associations we have with that big word Storyteller. Expect ancient folktales, roving conversation, and plenty to unpack in your soul for the weeks that follow. This is a moment to take stock, and to assess the curvature of a world you’d love to serve.

Martin works into Celtic stories and philosophy as the main meal of the day, including tellings of Cinderbiter (Hebridean), The Birth of Ossian (Irish), and a very rare rendition of the Invasion Tales of Erin and the Arrival of the Tuatha De Danann, attempted only twice before.

In preparation he asks you to think of a short family story that has intrigued or baffled you over the years, something with a little magic in it. Martin also talks about his recent work editing an anthology of the Irish philosopher John Moriarty, A Hut at the Edge of the Village.

Suggested reading: Marie Heaney Over Nine Waves, John Moriarty Dreamtime, Manchan Magan Thirty Two Words for Field , Martin Shaw & Tony Hoagland Cinderbiter.


Beautiful Learning: Oral Thought and Culture-Making. Live recording with Martin Shaw. Recorded live in Devon, England. Available in five parts as MP3 downloadable files. Approximately 3hr 33mins. Cista Mystica Press, Devon, England.

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