Hundreds of Dr Martin Shaw’s latest book Tristan and Isolde were posted out on February 14th, all personally signed by the author.

This first volume of a new major body of work that Shaw has been creating over the past few years, was officially launched from his writing den on the edge of Dartmoor on Valentine’s Day.

Based largely within the Celtic fringe of Britain, Tristan and Isolde is a dazzling exegesis of love, both disarmingly psychological and profoundly mythological. Shaw’s version heightens the latent Dionysian tensions and at the same time masterfully transmits a story that can be located in the experience of every reader.

The last signed copies are available to order here.

See here for more on Tristan and Isolde, and The House of Beasts and Vines series.



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All three episodes of The Voyage of Brendan, with commentary, are now available over at Martin Shaw’s new subscription newsletter.

The final part, Comfort or Compass, was added on February 13th, joining a 17-minute audio, an old Irish story The Horned Women that kicked off a fortnightly ‘Sunday Stories’ series that will come direct from Martin’s desk, down by the river, or out on the moor.

Says Martin: “Some of what I write I hope will provide shelter in a mad time, other elements may stir up and even provoke, it’s all to play for. There’s lots of good writing out there concerning the visible textures of our age, but it’s the invisible textures I’m compelled by. What’s going on in the belly of the castle?”

Some free tasters are available, but for the cost of a London pint (around £5), subscribers get exclusive access to the full essays, stories and everything in the vault as it builds up. Martin says: “I’m also adding drawings that I cook up en route. The whole thing is fresh bread from the oven of my imagination.”

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