Parzival Parcel: Snowy Tower signed book & illustrated cards


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A special limited edition offering: Snowy Tower paperback signed by both the author and artist, and a boxed set of nine greeting cards from the original illustrations for Snowy Tower by Cara Roxanne.

Snowy Tower

In Snowy Tower Shaw gives a highly original telling of the grail epic Parzival. Dr Shaw claims the story as a great trickster tale of medieval Europe, offering a commentary that ranges from climate change to the notion of soul, erotic consciousness, what he calls “the hallucination of empire”, and a revisioning of the speech of the ancient bards.

A daring work, Snowy Tower is the second in Shaw’s the Mythteller trilogy. It offers a connection to “the genius of the margins”; that the big questions of today will not be met by big answers but by a myriad of mythic associations. After the eclecticism of A Branch from the Lightning Tree, Snowy Tower is deepened by one central narrative.

Snowy Tower illustrated Greeting Cards

A set of nine cards from the original illustrations for Snowy Tower by artist Cara Roxanne. Each card is printed on recycled stock and comes with kraft envelope. To learn more about Cara Roxanne’s beautiful work, visit:

Out of stock


Paperback. Cista Mystica Press, Devon, England.

Greeting cards, boxed set of nine illustrated cards with envelopes, printed on recycled stock.

Praise for Snowy Tower

“Martin Shaw’s a conjurer, a thirteenth-century troubadour dropped into our midst. Snowy Tower animates a tale from a far-off place and far-off time into vibrant, immediate life. He breathes into his characters a beating pulse, agile speech, and bedazzling with. Catch him any way you can.” –Eric Utne, founder of The Utne Reader

“Martin Shaw has hung around a great deal in the Otherworld. There is woodsmoke and fox fur in his thinking, and a wild mix of courage, stories and troubling ideas – Snowy Tower is a kind of outlaw language.” –Robert Bly, author of Iron John


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