A Hut at the Edge of the Village
A new collection of John Moriarty’s writings, edited by Dr Martin Shaw, has been launched with a lively online discussion about the Irish philosopher described as ‘one of Ireland’s greatest secrets’.
Martin was joined by writer and documentary-maker Manchán Magan, author of the rip-roaring Thirty-Two Words for Field, for the launch of A Hut at the Edge of the Village. Manchán describes Martin’s introductions to John’s work as having the same ‘wildness, boldness and vivacity as Moriarty’s writings’. The recording is available on you tube here.

More information on the book can be found at Cista Mystica and all copies purchased will be signed by Martin until the end of July.

In A Hut at the Edge of the Village, Shaw situates Moriarty’s work with respect to our eco-conscious era and a readership seeking spiritual and philosophical guidance.

He says, “Moriarty asks of us only one thing – that we move our gaze from seeing to beholding. And there the trouble begins, when we realize there is a world beyond us far bigger than our temporary ambitions.”

Shaw’s carefully chosen extracts are supported by an introduction, and a foreword by Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan, a long-time admirer of Moriarty’s work.

For those new to Moriarty, there is a great introduction over at the Smoke Hole Sessions podcasts, in the first episode where Martin and Tommy discuss stories, performances and practices that have helped them get through the last year.

An article written by Martin on the editing process also marks the launch, published at Writing.ie.

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New podcast episode with Natasha Khan

In the latest episode of the Smoke Hole Sessions, Martin Shaw chats with Bat for Lashes singer songwriter and musician Natasha Khan, who talks about her move from the UK to California four years ago and her evolution as a mystic artist, explorer and new mother. Previous episodes feature Martin in conversation with actor Sir Mark Rylance, rabbi and author Dr Ariel Burger, publisher John Mitchinson, writer Jay Griffiths, author David Keenan and storyteller Jan Blake.

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